Fadhil's Shop

A small little and a humble shop created by one of SMK DT student with a main intention to use this page as the product for vocational highschool project, this E-Commerce shop is never intended to steal any right or setup a real shop (yet) with or without license, your understanding is very appreciated in this case, if you have any recommendation please leave a review, any kind of sugesstion will be accepted.


This E-Commerce only have two Categories which is only House Furniture and Gaming Gear in gaming gear you will find the best gear that you can use to utilize and enhanced your skill, performance and experience in gaming, while the House Furniture section is where you can find teh most suitable furniture for your lovely and comfortable dream house.


The Identity Of "Fadhil's Shop" Creator :

-Name : Shidqi M. Fadhil

-Class : XI-B

-Home : Bandung, Indonesia

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